Nothing can stop you in your journey through life

– except yourself.

Kris Litwiński

My greatest passion has always been interacting with other people – through personal development workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. In 2006, along with Brian Tracy and a few friends, I set up Brian Tracy International of Poland and served for years as its managing partner, CEO, and trainer.

I had served as a personal interpreter to people like US President G.W.Bush Sr., British Prime Minister M. Thatcher, Secretary General of the NATO and many others. It had taught me firsthand that a fulfilled life had nothing to do with how much money you had or how high you stood among people. 

(In this photo: with Princess Anna and Polish President Lech Walesa)

After Hours

After losing everything at age 50, I kept myself from exploding into pieces – by jogging.
Exercise brings you back to here and now:
you can’t fight for your breath and drown in self-pity at the same time.
Stress – just another term for fear – is imagination undirected.
Jogging blows it all away.