“Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going”
(Jim Rohn).
This newsletter is what helps both.

You are what you decide to be, not what you were born.


I was not born as a high performer. I was raised with no self-esteem and trained to believe that my destiny was to be a loser. Yet some tiny spark inside of me was stubbornly refusing to die. It took me years to rediscover self-worth, positively view life, and become self-reliant. The more I learned how to become my own best friend, the more I wanted to help others become theirs.

Today, as a Certified High-Performance Coach™, I help people achieve sustained success – beyond anything they have ever experienced before, consistently over the long term, while maintaining positive well-being and healthy relationships. To me, that is the true high performance.

I have been a long-time business partner personally with Brian Tracy after years I had spent as a senior executive with companies like GE Capital and Coldwell Banker. My first career had been one of a professional interpreter. I had the honor to have worked directly with figures such as US President G. Bush Sr., British Prime Minister M. Thatcher, and many others.

At 50, I lost everything overnight and had to reinvent myself completely. In what became the most formidable challenge of my life, I eventually turned around a broke startup into a nationwide chain of innovative learning centers marking unprecedented success in fast language training. At 52, I ran my first marathon.

I love my wife and two daughters and would give a home to every abandoned dog in the world. My motto is: you are what you decide to be, not what you were born. I see it as my mission to help people discover that truth in their own lives.

On this website, you will find proven strategies and programs to help you start making your own life a masterpiece – today. More

I just can't find words to say how much your mini-seminars about talents have revealed to me about myself. I got back my fire and my desire to do what I love so much.

Alexander (email private)

Krzysztof: thank you. You have awakened the Giant within... They say we "live to meet just a few people and have just a few moments of emotion". Your seminar was great to watch and I hope it was not my last inspiring contact with you.

Renata (email private)

I got an enormous boost of positive energy from listening to you. Your material was incredibly valuable. Thank you - I can't wait for more.

Veronica (email private)

Great stuff! Conratulations! Thank you for showing me the 7 ways to uncover our true talents. Thank you again and bless you.

Mark (email private)

Your seminar was incredibly inspiring, especially the part about some of my own talents... It was so helpful for me to uncover my true TALENTS. Waiting for more.

Alexander (email private)

Amazingly engaging, motivating and liberating seminar; it has allowed me to look at myself from a different angle. What a pity we don't find more such material around.

Isabel (email private)

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